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Date: February 17th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Canadian G.I.B.D

17th Feb 1919

My Dearest Agda

How are you Dearest? I havn’t written to you for so long that I hardly know where to start in now. I don’t believe I even thanked you for your dandy parcel and your last nice letter. Let me thank you now Sweetest, I havn’t your letter in my pocket so I will answer that in detail another time, and I will try and tell you my chapter of accidents

I believe I told you I was sick in hospital, well I was waiting to be evacuated to Blighty but I got into trouble and was sent to the Base here at Etaples to Drafts have been going from here till I came and now we are stalled here because of ‘fly’ and strikes in England. Isn’t it tough?

A bunch of men were picked out to go up the line for a working party and the whole gang refused and now they say they are going to keep us here for six months. It sure beats everything I shall go crazy if I have to stall around much longer. All I have been thinking of and looking forward to is how soon I shall have you all to myself for a little while, and now heaven after all this while, almost fades out of sight again

I could chew nails, for I sure am a disappointed and lonesome boy right now. Some fellows think this six months stuff is just a bluff, so I am going to see to that tomorrow, and find out. Anyway there will be no movement this month as far as anyone knows, and yet the Imperial troops are going all the time. I believe our 3rd Div is on its way home, then will follow the 1st 2nd and last, my Div’n the 4th

I seem to be out of luck every way. What do you think about it Princess? It seems to me if the [?] happens I will land in Canada somewhere around Sept. in time for the harvest I figured on being there much before that, and I’m going to all my best to get there yet before that time. Dearest girl, I suppose you will think I am, never coming back, when conscripts return and others who have hardly seen any fighting at all.

It sure is tough. Isn’t it Kid? I believe I’ll quit now because I feel sore about it, but I will write again to you in a day or so, when I hope to tell you something a little more hopeful.

Be good to yourself Princess
I’ll be back some time

Yours Ever

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