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Date: May 3rd 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

‘C’ Company.
Canadian Gen’l Depôt
May 3rd. ‘19

My Dearest Agda.

Well Darling, How are you now I wonder. I cannot tell you how glad I was to get all your letters. I have received three altogether this last week, and I have been trying to answer them ever since, but I have been sent from one place to another that I havn’t had a real good chance. Just now there is nothing doing do I’ll have a try. Well I didn’t know just what to do and I met a mounted Police Office in London who asked me to rejoin the Force so I have reengaged for one year, and I expected to sail on Saturday, but the people here are so slow that I am afraid, the documents and things will not all be through in time, but anyway I should sail very soon after that. of course Dearie I don’t want you to faint or anything like that when I see you. What should I do. if you did?

It wouldn’t be any use to yell for a Stretcher Bearer, so I should have to be the Doc myself and I guess I would just keep on a looking at you after not having seen you for so long. Gee! I would like you to be here girl, for I sure do like this old country after all, and old London is some City, Perhaps- some day eh? The Sun is dandy and warm and just over the hill is the sea, but I do want to get back to old Canada too. Do you know why? I’ll tell you some day. [?], I’ll be back before July now It’s almost a cinch now. I’ll have to stay off at the ‘peg so if you write there to the Gen’l Delivery Depot mail best that way. I didn’t get that map, but I don’t need any maps to find you when I get started. I feel so excited when I think of getting back that I say think of nothing else and hardly know what to say to you, but I guess will find lots to talk about when we get together

All the boys are crazy to get back home, a lot have gone already but still there are lots to go. On Sunday night, a bunch got kind of [?] and smashed up the canteen here and broke up everything but I’ll bet there are none of them more anxious to get back than I am. I guess I’ll write you a short letter from each place I go and then you’ll know just how much progress I’m making. So Darling girl, please don’t spoil your sleep on my account but just carry on. That old boat travels pretty fast when it gets going, and I’ll be wishing all the time it could go faster. Cheerio, my Darling Girl. I’ll be with you soon

Forever Yours

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