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Date: May 11th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

May 11th ‘19

My Dearest Agda

How are you today dearie? I wish you were here with me so that I could see you for myself.

This is supposed to be one of the prettiest places in England, and the weather is sure fine. I believe I told you in my last letter that I had rejoined the R.N.W.M.P., well I had not actually signed the agreement, and as my documents did not get through in time to leave with the bunch, I guess now I wont join them after all. I am not sorry for I guess they will be more soldiers than police now, and believe me I’m all through with that old soldier stuff. This Depôt, is just for fellows taking their wives back to Canada, and I feel a little lonesome sometimes for of course the fellows and their wives are all putting in a  good time now, but I am thinking of the good time that is coming.

Of course it is quite fine here There are all kinds of beautiful places to visit, but wouldn’t it be a whole lot nicer if you were here too. There are some wonderful natural caves here, thousands of years old, and a river runs through it. It is the highest town in England and is supposed to be very healthy, but the air makes a fellow feel very sleepy. I can sleep almost any old time. A fellow who is billeted with me has brought over a Belgium wife, and she cannot speak English and he cannot speak her language I think he must have forgotten there are still some girls in Canada I guess I’ll have to send you some picture post cards of some of the places here, before they send me away. I expect they will shoot me back to Seaford again now. They sure have been keeping me travelling around. After a while I believe I’ll get fed up with it. But once I get on that boat I’ll know I’m jake

Have they finished haying yet? I’m longing to have a look at Canada again now and some of the people there I’ve seen lots of France & Belgium and now I’m travelling alover England but I hope to stay in one place a little longer over there. I’ll write again soon, Dearest

Affectionately Yours


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