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Date: July 26th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sandy Lake.
July 26th 19

Hallo Princess!

How are you? and Arthur and Sis and ma and is Dad better yet? I am jake. I suppose you would like to know all about the Galician I am working for. Well he is not half as bad as his name suggests. He is not a Galician but a genuine Canadian, doesn’t even eat garlic or use oxen. I’m a little disappointed. He met me at Sandy Lake on Friday and drove me to his place five miles South, It’s a very decent clean looking little joint. His father-in-law wife, and eight year old son are living on the farm. I sleep in the kitchen and there are fleas in the bed. Yes, you bet there is, and I’m going to get them fixed pretty soon if I know anything. Say Kiddie I have been working to-day. Started in this morning at 8 o’clock with a scraper on the road. I thought the morning was going to last for ever.

We quit at noon, and the boss and I put in a culvert on our lonesome this afternoon. After that we crushed ten bags of oats for feed for the horses and pigs. They only keep one milk cow here, and thank goodness the father-in-law guy attends to that

There is a dandy little lake on the next quarter and the kid and I have just got back from a swim. I think I’m going to like this place pretty good, but this guy doesn’t believe in farming the way Arthur does Tomorrow we are going to pick berries at Sandy Lake, and I’m going to look over our homestead.

The eats here are jake-a-bon, and if I work every day half as hard as I worked to day, they are are going to get the surprise of their lives when they see what I am going to eat.

Say! Dearest, have you been just a little lonesome? I have, a whole lot, but it is a big satisfaction to know that you are quite near. That old saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” does not apply to me because I am so fond of you already that I just can’t love you more, of course the long long absence before may have something to do with that.

Well, Princess I’ll write you heaps in a couple of days, by next mail day. I’m a tired boy tonight my kind regards to all at home.

You know what I sent to you, my best of my heart, soul, mind and body.

Au revoir Dearest
Yours forever

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