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Date: July 30th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sandy Lake P.O
July 30th ‘19

My Darling,

How are all those bruises my Angel? Shall I come on down to kiss them to make them well? Who was the guy who rode you down? I’ll set out and hunt him with a gun. I just received your letter tonight. You are an angel arn’t you? The old man brought it while I was having supper. I wanted to read it right then, but I waited untill I could get some place alone.

Well Kiddie farming is hard work the way this guy does it. I think he hates money so much that he hates to use it. I believe I could lead him round the farm with a dollar bill, and I’m sure he thinks no more of two-bits than he does his right arm. Oh! well I feel that all that I am doing now is for you and, I feel that I could keep it up 20 hours out of the 24. My arms are all getting tanned like yours now, except my muscles, of course, as I havn’t any, why they can’t get tanned Don’t smile when I tell you that on Monday and Tuesday I was busy shifting a manure pile, today I have been coiling hay, and judging by the amount this guy has I’ll be busy doing that till about Christmas, He’s going to start the binder on Friday He’s a huseler from away back, but a good farmer I guess. He told me he started in five years ago with $200, and a team of ponies, and now he owns a good half section, a good line of machinery, and a bunch of horses and cattle. He says this Soldier Settlement land is dandy stuff, and I am anxious to get in on it, for I think Darling with a good half section and that loan we could make out pretty good. Don’t you? I’d work like a trojan for you, and we would be rich some day. Anyway we would be happy. I’d be happy with you if I had my hands in the fire.

Will you be coming down to Sandy Lake one of these days if you get the car? I believe I shall stay with this guy for a couple of months or so. I am only getting $30.00 this month I was foolish to agree on that, but I’ll get more afterwards, and if I stay right on till Spring I’ll learn a whole lot, but I havn’t decided anything on that until I hear from the Soldiers Setelement Board about that land. I guess its up to me to hustle a little this year. Well angel mine, I’ll say ‘Good night’ Don’t be lonesome Sweetheart I am thinking of you all the time. Give them all my best regards at home. All my love is Yours

Good night, Princess
Lots of love and kisses
Yours forever

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Original Scans