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Date: August 14th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Thurs. Aug 14th ‘19

My Dearest Little Girl

Darling I received three letters from you tonight, and they have made me just as happy as everything. There is a letter for you here waiting to be mailed since Sunday. I guess it will not get to town before Saturday now and you will be wondering why I havn’t written. oh you Darling girl. I am thinking of you all the time, and I believe if someone was behind me all the time they would think I was crazy for I’m sure I think aloud sometimes. Perhaps if you listen hard enough you might hear me sometimes.

Well Dearest I wonder just how you are tonight. It is now 9pm the horses are all fed, and bedded down for the night and the hired man is free to sit down and write to the sweetest little woman in the world. This is one thing Darling that the war has done. It has given you to me. and for you I would willingly go through it all again if necessary, and nothing else.

I guess I am through stooking now for a while. There is just one patch to cut now, and that is not quite ready yet. but there is some more hay to be put up. Oh I must tell you that again after getting your letters I had a shave and general clean up. This is quite an event. but I couldn’t write to you with four days’ growth of whisker dangling around my toes. I went out to the barn and shared my confidence with ‘Fanny,” that’s my favourite mare here she won’t tell anyone. Let me tell you Adga Dear, that I DO LOVE YOU. I never knew there was a girl like you in the whole world, and that my whole aim in life from now is make you happy. my whole thoughts are centered about you my own Darling, and the world would indeed be a dreary place for me without you. I don’t want to write a lot of mushy stuff, for I know, that you must know by now just what I think.

Don’t you Darling?

Why sure Kid, you are quite welcome to open any mail that comes for me even if it is only snaps. For the future I don’t want to have any secrets from you. How were the snaps? I didn’t get them yet, neither did I get the parcel. Did you send them by Express? I’ll go to town myself on Saturday I guess and find out about them. I’ll try to get to Ericson on Sat 23rd, but if not will be down on Tues 26th, but don’t trouble about arranging to meet me, for I can easily manage to get a rig of some kind. It is only just a little more than a week now, and oh joy, I shall have you all to myself for a little while, and I’ll forget there every was such things as stooks that tumble over and hay that slips off the fork and blisters on one’s hands. What does it matter anyways? I hope your girl friend from the ‘peg is away then. I don’t want to share you with anyone.. Now Dearest I’ll say “Good night” Its just 9.40 pm rather early, but all the other people have been to bed for an hour. Good night my Princess, Happy Dreams, Give my regards to them all at home.

My love is all for you Sweetheart
Forever Yours’

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