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Date: September 16th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sept 16th 1919


How are you Dearie? I havn’t had a line from you yet Are you quite alright? I wish now I had phoned you on Sunday. I am thinking and hoping there will be some mail on Wednesday. Smith said he had some mail for me last Sunday week, and he was going to bring it over first time he came, but he hasn’t come yet. I wonder if you have been unwell. Two nights ago I dreampt of you, but you did not seem ill. I guess we shall be threshing tomorrow, we havn’t done any this week yet, and I shall be wondering all the time if that old train is bringing news of you to me. If you are unwell Darling, get some one to phone me and I will come right on down and make you well. I havn’t done a thing this afternoon

If Elphinstone was only where Ericson is. I would have been right at Scandinavia, but wouldn’t I have been a tired boy tomorrow? Threshing will be all through in about ten days Darling one, and then we shall be together for a couple of days.

Oh! gee Kiddie I sure am lonesome for you. Why is it? There is no one in the world like you. There never was nor ever will be. Do write quickly. Good night Sweetest. I just can’t write more now. When I get a letter from you, I’ll write a whole chapter. Good night Beloved. my regards to all at home.

Lonsomely Your’s

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