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Date: September 18th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sept 18th 1919

My Dearest Agda

How’s the girl tonight? Oh Gee Kiddie I’m happy tonight. Tim (The Boss) was down for mail this morning and all he brought back was a few old papers. Gee my heart was in my boots, so after dinner I thought I would go down and give that old Post Office the once over to see if there wasn’t just a line for me some place, and say D’you know what I got?

I got 11 letters from you Dear, 1 from my dear old Dad, 1 from my brother in Australia, and two or three others. I just made myself wait untill I got to my room and there I had your letters all to myself. Oh! you Sweetest little girl. Watch my pen. It’s going at sixty miles an hour. You are just the sweetest, nicest, purest, best Kindest, dandiest little girl in the whole wide world.

Oh Angel girl. Aren’t I the happiest boy. And I lived a whole month almost without a single letter from you. Five of your letters came back from England. Oh Kiddie D’you know I love you absolutely, with all my body, heart and sole and I don’t think there’s room for anything else and Sweetheart mine, without you, life for me would not be worth living. I was going to come down on Saturdays train to see what was wrong, for now, although I want to see you more than ever. I can wait a little longer. I got my suitcases today, and this is the pad I got at Ericson. I used the first three sheets for Dad’s letter. You don’t mind Do you? I’m afraid poor old Dad must be lonesome. I must write lots to him, but I can’t send so often as I do to you Darling mine. I just can’t answer all your letters. I can’t make up my mind where to start, so I think I’d better leave it untill I am with you Dear. I hope the Sun shines all next week and we can finish up the threshing.

Some of the fellows are getting pretty anxious about their crops. When we work we do work There are generally eight teams going. One other English fellow, a Canadian ([?]), and the rest are all Galicians. Elphinstone is a good little Canadian town. Mostly old South Canadian people I guess. The Galicians live away north. All the rest of your questions I’ll endeavour to answer when I can hold your hand (both of your hands) and look into your eyes. And now Sweetheart mine. I’ll say Good night. My Kindest Regards to all the people at home. I’m going to send you my Dad’s letter to read and keep for me. I’d like you to read my answer but I want to mail it quick. Don’t bother to send on any mail that may come for me, only trouble to send your own dear letters to me. Bye-bye- my pet. Thank you for the snaps. I think the one of you is swell and you are easily the best on the other.

“Good night” my own little Angel.
Heaps of love and Kisses
Your own boy for always

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