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Date: September 30th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sept 30th ‘19

My Dearest Girl.

How’s everything Angel Girl? I wrote a few lines to you last night, but the baby was crying and I could not get along very well, so I thought I would try again tonight, and now Tim is singing to the Baby, and say- I don’t know which is the best (or worse). Isn’t the weather fierce, D’you think threshing will ever be finished this year? It looks doubtful to me. (of course I don’t know anything about it). But it seem to me that this beautiful dry Canadian climate is just about the same as that old cold damp English Autumn. On the way to Strathclair this morning I noticed about half the crops in stook yet. D’you think I’m becoming something like a farmer talking of threshing instead of talking about you Dearest.

I want to tell you oh! heaps of nice things angel Girl, but I do want to look into your eyes and be real close to you. Oh Gee! Kiddie I do want you so much. Say mr Bewell has gone to some other district, and a Capt Johnson from Rossburn is the Inspector now. He was here tonight. He seems a smart kind of guy but I am a little sorry that Bewell has gone.

Well tell me about everything at home Ma and Pa, are they quite alright? and Arthur and everyone. I know how Cis is, She is oh- just one little bit lonesome I think, but if Bill gets along to see her on Thursday, she will brighten up quite a bit. If you went to the ‘peg Dearie I believe I would just have to go there too; but I guess I shall see you before that time. How’s that bad finger of your’s? Is it getting well again or shall I come along and dress it for you? I sure would like to. I just love sore fingers (if they are your’s). Well Agda Dear, take lots of care of youself, I believe I’ll write a couple of lines to your little sister Cis tonight. “Good Night” my own Darling, Excuse this being all scrappy won’t you?

Cheerio “Angel Girl.” just a few more days and I shall really have a look at you make your old Sun shine for four more days, and then I’ll come a- running.

Bye-bye. Pet.
Lovingly Your’s for all time.

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