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Date: December 4th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Wakaw. Sask.
Dec 4th ‘19

My Own Dearest Agda.

I have just received your two letters dated nov 22nd and 29th my own Girl, I was so pleased. I will answer them more fully tomorrow. Wakaw is my address now I arrived yesterday. I am not much struck with the place or the people, but I’ll tell you all about them next time I write. It is most important my very own Darling, that I tell you, or try to tell you just how much I want you. Darling Girl I do. I love absolutely and there is nothing in this whole world but you my Dearest. I will finish this letter and seal it up then tomorrow I’ll write another,

[?] Girl you know just how much I love you and I know that you love me. If you any reason I lost you or something prevented me from hopes of you I would put a bullet in my brain, but Angel Girl we are going to be jake-a-bonn one of these days. The H.C.L need not bother us very bad. Cheerio love for the present. I’m going to bed now to dream of you I did last night, we were out shopping together. I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

Good night my love
my very own Angel Girl
Your’s for ever & ever

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Original Scans