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Date: December 18th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Bohunkville Sask.
Dec 18th ‘19

My Dearest Angel Girl

How’s every little thing Agda Dear? I have just returned from a trip up north and found your letter of the 11th waiting for me. Aren’t you just the darlinest little angel girl that ever walked. You bet you are kiddie. This will most likely reach you either just before or after Christmas. If before, I’ll take the opportunity of Wishing you just the best and jolliest of Times that anybody ever had, if it reaches you after, I’ll symathise with you for the pains in your tummy, and advise you to look for a remedy in Ma’s old medical Bag under the settee. I guess I’ll spend Xmas here, not alone, but with a gay little batchelor party but I’ll tell you all about that afterwards. This is a busy little office tonight. I got back after an 18 miles drive and found, detectives and prisoners galore here. Some detectives from Regina have been working on an elevator fire case since last Spring and have just made a clean up. I have been working on a cattle stealing case and had a preliminary hearing today.

It was rather a mixed up affair, so I brought in the first charge under the Stray Animals Act, and rather astonished the accused’s lawyer, but he slipped one over on me, by asking for an adjournment till Jan 10th, which was granted, I now discover that the Justice of the Peace has no power to adjourn for more than 8 days, so I intend to slip one over on him and get a new charge laid. This Law buiseness is a great game of graft, believe me.  There is nothing clean or fair in it, from start to finish. However, I guess I’ll get wised up like some of these crooked lawyers.

The weather has changed, and is real swell now. I believe it even rained a little last night.

Of course, You Darling Girl, I get your letters but if I ever say anything about not getting them quick, why just put that down to my natural impatience I have yet to learn that patience is a virtue. Believe me though, I’ll learn it before I get you Sweetest. Do you know Keeping away from you is the hardest thing I ever did. I just want to get on that Eastbound train, and get to Scandinavia and you. I would sacrifice a year of my life for a week with you. You Sweetest of Best of Women. My reference to the H.C.L (High Cost of Living) not bothering us, is that neither of us eat much. I do when I’m threshing, but now I’m not threshing See? now for your mystery. What do you mean by having Y.P.M. at the church. Young People’s Mission? I don’t know a thing about it. All I know about now is crooks and lawyers, and not very much about them. But I’m learning.

Now my Angel Girl. I do hope there will be lots of mail from you one of these days. I wonder if those old furs have arrived yet. Its too bad that Charlie did register them but that cannot be helped now. It’s a quarter to twelve now. that’s 2.45 A.M. in your part of the world so I expect Agda, that you will be asleep in your little bed this very minute. I shall be directly, I don’t mean in your bed, but right here at Wakaw. (Bohunkville) I don’t care how soon I get transferred (to Scandinavia) Oh well au-revoir, my own angel Girl, Sleep on my Pet. I love you, love you, love you for ever and ever.

Bye bye Darling
Yours Ever Harry

Darling. Will you send on to me a Kit bag, puttees, and that old linen bag please

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Original Scans