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Date: 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sunday. 3pm

My Darling.

How are you today? Have you been to church this afternoon. Perhaps you are there right now I am staying at the Avenue Hotel arrived at 11 am. I had to go back to Neepawa on Saturday. and had to wait till five o’clock for the Dauphin train. The Con. told me to change there and go to Battleford via Saskatoon, but I stayed on the train because I got that letter from the Pro. Police at P.A to report right away. It was a pretty long ride, about 8 hours, and it seemed just hateful to hear those wheels going round and round taking me further away from you all the time. I am impatient now to get that interview over. This isn’t a bad place at all. This Hotel is fine. I have just had lunch and a hot bath and feel a whole lot better for it. Travelling alone is sure tedious the next time I travel over that route I shall not be alone shall I dearest? oh Gee I do hope that it will be soon, because I can’t live without you Darling I believe this will reach you by Monday, I’ll write again tomorrow night after the interview and shall be able to give you some address I guess, but you could write here of course although I shall not be able to stay at the Hotel right along.

Cheerio Agda my own Angel girl. Keep any mail that comes for me. It is only your’s I really need, and I do need those.

Bye-bye. Darling Girl.

Your own boy

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Original Scans