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Date: September 29th 1920
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Hafford, Sask
Sept 29th 20

My Own Darling Agda

Dearest I am so sorry that I have kept you waiting for a letter I deserved to be kicked. I did write to you on Sunday from Prince Albert I don’t know when this letter will arrive for I don’t know yet how the mail goes from this neck of the woods.

I arrived here today from Prince Albert. It’s some burgh. Everybody I’ve spoken to all the way from Wakaw have sympathised with me for having to go to such an unholy burgh. It doesn’t look so very bad, not as big as Wakaw and I believe there are a few, but very few whites settled through the District. I left Wakaw on the 21st and had to attend King’s Bench Court untill today. The chief and almost all the men have been away on that Bandit chase. I guess you heard of it.

Four Russian Bandits held up the lumber company at Fort Francis, Ont, then beat it to Roscoe, Man. and from there into Saskatchewan, but the Forces, you know, the Sask. Prov. Police but a kink in their program and 2 were captured and the other 2 killed in a hay stack after a five hours battle.

I saw the Chief this morning, he promised to think about giving me a Detachment. I wish he would hurry up right and do it, I’m sure of our being stuck with Bill all the time, but the Chief says there’s no one to replace me. However my angel girl, I’m coming down for you by Xmas if there is any possibility at all, and I guess there must be. I’m sure they ain’t keep me here always, After a while they will give me a white man’s town and we’ll be jake my precious Pet. I’ve got a nice room here and I shall begin to collect the furniture. I shall have to get a house bought somewhere, but will let you know about that later. Have lot of patience my Sweetest little Angel Girl. Bye-bye for now, There’s TONS of work here, and I’ve got to get [?]. I love you Agda Dear more and more, and need you more I have been thinking of you all today Cheerio Darling I will write you again soon. All my love Dearest

Always, your own Boy

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