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Date: January 30th 1920
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Box 36
Wakaw. Sask
January 30th

Hullo Agda Dearie

How’s every little thing? I wrote you a kind of a plaintive letter last night. I was feeling tough, but now again everything is jake-a-bon. No! it isn’t. there was no mail again from you, I thought there might be, but there surely will be tomorrow, and worse luck, I shan’t be here untill Saturday, and I shall be wondering all the time if there really is a letter from my Darling Angel Girl. I wonder too. if that snap will be there. Are you quite alright Sweetest. Are you jake-a-bon.

Oh! Gee, Agda I do want to see you again. I wish I was within walking distance of you, like I was at Fletcher and so that you could drive out and meet me on the road. I am always always lonesome for you Pet, and I guess always will be untell I really do get you.

This old town does not seem quite as bad as it did at first, but I wouldn’t like to have to live here, for always. I am looking to be moved in the Spring, and then Darling Girl, you will come to me, or I will come for you. Hurry up, old summer time, hurry up Agda Girl. I’ll wipe the dishes, and you can wash them, and we’ll always make the bread after supper, because it is better that way, Isn’t it? I wan’t to tell you that I have quit smoking cigarettes I’ve only smoked [?] during the last week, and I smoked them while in a Galicians house, the night, I was lost. So I had a good reason, the smell was awful. Now Sweetest Girl. I’ll say Good night and God Bless You Darling and keep you safe for me. Bye bye Angel Girl

Forever Yours

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