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Date: February 29th 1920
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sunday Feb 29th

My darling Agda

How are you dearest, tonight? I wish I could just see you for a little while and satisfy myself that you are still the same dear Agda

I have been alone all day, did not get up till after 11 am then I came to the office and made out the monthly reports, and I have been reading ‘The Emperor’s Candle Sticks’ since supper It is just 9.30 now. I wonder if you are writing to me at this minute. I can picture you in your room just writing a little letter to me dear. If only you were here darling, or I was there with you. It would be just perfect last night I was driving till midnight, there was a lovely moon, just like that night when you met me on the road from Fletchers, but not as cold, and I was thinking that it just needed you to make it real nice.

I went to bed about 1 am and had a most peculiar dream, it was all jumbled up, but you and I were together on the top of a mountain all covered with snow, and there was a great big robe there, and we sat together and covered ourselves with it. Funny things dreams, arn’t they? I guess I shan’t always need to dream of you, but I can’t help it now, for you look at me last thing at night and first in the morning, or at least your photo does, and you smile always. That is a great consolation dearie. I just couldn’t live without you, and your pictures just seems to say that everything is jake-a-bon.

You little darling, are you quite alright now? no flu? or no more bruises or anything? You Angel Girl. why do you make me think of you so much, and make me love you so? It is because you are Agda, I suppose. My Agda eh? For you are my Agda Girl for ever and ever. I love you so very much dear and it seems that I want you and need you more and more. The old Spring will soon be along now won’t it dearest, and then the good old summer. –

It will not be long now before I shall com down for you Angel Girl, Did you get those snaps finished yet? No? I got the Cookery Book o.k. and sent it along, I think we’ll have to have about half a dozen of them, and we’ll make some of the dishes together, or won’t you let me muck around in the kitchen? You know Sweetest, we managed to make butter and bread together alright, although I havn’t the faintest idea how it was all done. Gee Kiddie, I’d just like to let you feel how strong I could hug you tonight. You little angel Girl. Good night Princess come to me in dreamland tonight. All my love Agda Darling

Your own Boy

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