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Date: August 16th 1918
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

16th Aug

My Dear Agda

I sure was glad to receive your letter of July 12th It arrived about two days ago, after we had been travelling for several days and were just making camp for the night in a little bunch of trees. It certainly makes life a little more worth living to get your letter once in a while little woman. Even now I sometimes feel just a little weary and sick of it all, and the hills and lakes of far away Manitoba will sure look good to me if ever I get back.

The events of the past few days have been very satisfactory. I guess you will have read all about it by this time, how Neenie was been driven back umpteen miles, and the prisoners and guns captured, The papers will tell far more than I am allowed to. It was all very exciting and the weather has kept remarkably fine in our favour. If it had been wet and cold it would have been horribly uncomfortable. I am writing this outside my funk hole. It is too small to sit up in and write, so if there are any violent jerks on my writing like this – don’t be alarmed. It may only be someone butting into me, or a shell dropping anyways close. It is jake here now. In my funk hole I have a real feather mattress and pillow the first I have had for a long time I guess, some Fritz made himself comfortable with them a few nights ago never dreaming that his bed would so soon be occupied by a Canadian. What a tale it could tell for no doubt it originally belonged to some French person. Things seem to change hands rather rapidly these days. A couple of nights ago I had the luxury of a swim in a little river away back, and after I was out something very nasty floated by. I was glad I was out of the water before I saw it. There are horrible things sometimes, the only time I think otherwise is immediately after a large rum issue. Such things do happen occasionally – accidently. One fellow here says, after a good snort of rum a barrage sounds like a Peace Conference.

Well Darling girl I guess I will quite now. Your letter has sure made me long for to be back in Canada. I am kind of glad you are going to stay home for a while. I can picture you making pies, and feeding the chickens and things. I guess it will soon be threshing time out there. and I have heard that the crops in Sask are on the bum It’s too bad, alright They sure look good over here, and we have acres and acres of potatoes growing a little piece behind the line. It’s a good job for some of the older men, and they certainly come in handy to eat with the bully. Well Good Bye Princess be good to yourself and think of me when you are making one of those thick lemon pies.

Your’s as Ever Kiddy

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