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Date: September 21st 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Sept 21st

Hallo Agda Girl

How’s every little thing? I was so glad you phoned me the other night even although the operator did not give us a chance to get through talking. You seemed like a million miles away untill I heard your dear voice, and then I could almost reach out my hand and touch you. I wish I could do that right now. I should have come on down this week end for there will be no threshing that’s a cinch. It seems almost as though it will never be finished this fall. Excuse me talking shop, but I am hardly getting in a day a week at threshing. I bet I am as anxious to get through as most of the fellows who have crops to thresh. So Cis is going to Galicia land eh? I hope she will like it there. I feel sure she will be comfortable at Smith’s place. Are you quite alright my Darling Girl? It sure does seem a long long time since I saw you. Are you just the same? Say that is a dandy little snap of you I like it fine. It is fixed up at the end of my bed, and I just like to take a little look at you every once in a while. I was going to phone you this afternoon but the people here were around all the time and I like to talk to you alone best. When you called me up I was asleep in bed, you see we are rather fast here and keep railway time, and the clock gains a little each day, and right now our time is two hours ahead of ordinary time. Imagine what it is like getting up at six in the morning (really about four o’clock) the moon is quite bright and all the stars are shining just like the middle of the night.

Thanks for ‘Smile Awhile’ I know it all off by heart now. Perhaps I’ll sing it to you when I come down, (if you can stand the strain). Send some good weather Sunshine Girl, so that we can all get finished up here, and then I shall come down to heaven (Scandinavia) and see my A Good Darling Angel called Agda. I think I’ll make a dug-out in ‘Hearts Desire’ and get a stock of Bully and biscuits and camp here this winter. Then I’ll be able to see you any old time at all, because I do want you so very much Dear. Well au-revoir for now Darling Girl. Be good to yourself

For Always Your’s

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