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Date: September 29th 1919
Agda Johnson
Harry Fielder

Monday Sept 29th

Hullo Agda Girl

How’s every little thing? I shan’t be down this week I’m afraid Agda dear. I am sorry, for I should like to, ever so much, but I think I should stick around here untill threshing is through, There is only another four days to put in but of course we want four days of fine weather.

Did you know I was over to see Cis on Sunday I do hope she will manage to get down on Friday alright, because I believe she is oh – just a little lonesome. You know Agda dear, when a person leaves your place, I guess he or she is bound to be lonesome for a while anyway. With me, of course I should be always now, away from you. I walked down to Smith’s place on Sunday, and stopped at a house to enquire as to the road, and after I left there they phoned to Smith, and Cis met me in the car. Gee it did seem funny to see her away out there. Does it seem an awful long time dear since I’ve been away? It sure does to me. The days go slipping by, and each night I think of you Pet. Maybe, we shall get through threshing this week. When in [?] celebration this Friday, is the 8th of Oct. for I hope to be down by the 8th anyway

I don’t think little Cis finds the school at Sandy Lake quite as nice as it could be, Perhaps she will like it better after a while.

I feel glad Agda that you are not yet away from home. I saw in tonights paper that a bunch of girls are wanted at Gatons, but don’t you go kiddie. You stay right at home. Won’t you?

I’d hate to think of you working around Gaton’s or some place. There was a hired girl here for a while, but she quit on her time, and was glad to do so. There’s nothing to this working and stuff, believe me. Well Angel Dearest believe I’ll say ‘Good Night’ There’s a baby here. Can you hear it squalling? Gee- its fierce. These real little babies get my goat.

So Darling I’ll say Good night; A week from tonight I hope I shall just whisper that instead of writing it. Give them all my regards at home.

Good night Sweetheart
Lots of Love
Your Ever

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