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Date: April 14th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

F Latham P/O
#3 O.T.U. Pat. Bay

Dearest Jeanie.-

I received your very welcome letter this morning (I sure hope it isnt twins) I will get you some stockings darling If I am able to get into Victoria before the stores close one of these nites! And dont pay any attention to that bitch Mickey she is sure nuts, and ben on raising hell with Aurthur. I will admit Ive been on parties but Ive certainly did any thing out of the way besides darling no one could take your place. Well darling I’ve just finished supper and I’ve got a couple of hours to kill we go up at 8.30 and we wont be back until around 5 A.M. the weather is none too good so I suppose we will have one hell of a rough trip? And I’m sleepy now, I’ll be a wreck by 5 A.M. I get a 48 next weekend after this one I think I’ll spend it in Vancouver (why I dont know) A bunch of us were out to a place called the chalet last nite and had some beer of course I got pleasantly drunk they have lots of beer there and its only 4 miles from the station. I will sure be happy when the 19th of may rolls around and I can come home again. Well my love I must dash off to the briefing room and get the dope for the trip (you should see me making coffee and frying steaks in an aircraft talk about your small kitchenettes I’ll finish this tomorrow so goodbye for now!

Sunday nite

Well darling I will finish this right and get it in the mail first thing in the morning I spent sat. nite in town with Aurthur I was so tired I went to bed around 11 pm. we didnt come down from our nite trip until 6.30 am and 10 hrs in the air after a long day is rather tiring of course I had all day sat. off but I didnt wake up until around 3 pm and then went in to town. Well my love I must close this for now write soon oh yes I received your very welcome letter sat. before I went to town so goodbye for now

Love & kisses

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Original Scans