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Date: June 15th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

P/O FW Latham
J41740 #3 O.T.U.
Pat Bay B.C.

Dearest Jeanie.-

Well darling I arrived here safe & sound I got an upper berth out of Calgary, and I got a stateroom on the boat from Vanc. They are still waiting here to hear from Vancouver so I guess I’ll be here for a week or two. I sure hope you are feeling ok. It sure is nice to get back into a bed that doesn’t move thought I slept nearly all day to-day, of course it rained all the way through but it is nice here at Pat. Bay of course it rained here but not very hard. I’m sure sick of doing nothing thought I wish they would hurry up and go into action or something. Well I saw Marlys Cheney on the train she was helping Lorraine with the baby at Calgary. Aurthur is working nite shift and every thing is about the same here although I cant go off the station I’m so broke get here or not?

Oh darling would I ever love to be home at X mas but I hardly think so, but it should be soon after, I could be home in about six days from here when we get our leave?

Darling I will send what shilling postal note’s I have on Monday (sure hope they are good in Canada) they sure should be ? and I’ll cable & some more for you for X mas, so I guess that is the works for now darling until to-morrow so goodbye for now, with all my love & kisses and love to the kids. xxxxx xxxxx


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