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Date: July 20th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

P/O Latham FW
160 sqdn. J41740
Yarmouth N.S.

Dearest Jeanie-

Darling I just finished writing you a letter this afternoon and for the life of me I cant remember whether or not I mailed it I cant remember I certainly cant think of a suitable name for our pride & joy either I cant even seem to concentrate for one minute. I sure hope you are ok. I will sure be happy when I can see him & you I hardly know what to say, because I think I covered most everything in the letter I wrote this 9 p.m. and now I don’t know what I did write it? (stupid of me isn’t it?) Any way I received mothers letter to-day and I was sure surprised I rather expected a telegram. I guess I’m a pretty good man eh! (a boy 8# 15 oz ahem!) darling we leave Saturday for Sydney so we haven’t been doing anything the last few days but getting our clearances signed. I had some flowers wired this morning darling I sure hope you get them and also Mrs. Ford brings your mail over as Im sending this to to Vic Blk. Jr. will be nearly a week old when you get this letter I’ll bet he is some baby! I bought the boys a beer to0nite in the mess and had a general celebration myself Im so proud of you darling and I thought we were getting old?

I can have two weeks leave if I want it I guess? But I’ve used my transportation warrant for this year so I guess I’ll have to postpone it for awhile will you send me some snaps of jr. as soon as possible. Well darling that is all for now.

Love & kisses xxxx xxxx xxxx


P.S.- I’ll write again to-morrow sure hope I put that first letter in the mail. Love to you all that parcel I mentioned was 100 cigs. From the C.M.& S.

I am writing to the CM&S with my change of address I will notify them also that we have another heir. I hope you didn’t have too hard a time of it darling and are well again soon. Well my love I guess I had better close now and go to bed before I fall asleep here at the table so Love and kisses darling and one for jr. x


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