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Date: August 30th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

P/O FW Latham
J41740 116 Sqdn.
Sydney N.S.
Aug. 30/44

Dearest Jeanie.-

I have been waiting to hear from you again for another report from you it is certainly an awful shock but never having seen the baby I feel bad about it because of you but darling we have been through a lot together and we will pull through this too! It is raining here to-nite but they have been flying us ragged there are a flock of U boats hanging around as soon as it dies down which should be about the end of this week I’ll get two weeks leave plus ten days travelling time. I had some fresh milk to-day for the first time since I left here (it sure tasted good) I also had a big steak to-day. I sure need a woman around I keep losing buttons off my trousers and when I sew them on they just don’t seem to stay on (and you’re the woman in my life) I guess I’m getting awfully old darling my hair gets greyer every day and I have to have my sleep every nite (about nine hrs) I can’t even stay in bed in the morning anymore. I sure wont’ miss Labrador though it is pretty country just full of lakes but the mosquitoes are as big as sparrows and twice as nasty. I received a cominco to-day although I suppose you got one too. I feel sorry for the smelter trying to keep up on my address The cominco is nearly always about a month behind. The days are sure going to drag until I get my leave and get home to you!

I weighed myself to-day and I haven’t gained or lost an ounce still 167 with my clothes on one of our engineers who has his wife here is going to give me his travel warrant so it wont cost me more than $15.00 for a ticket and berths will be about $30.00 each way so it wont be so bad. I have about $100.00 saved up so far not bad eh? for an old man. I sure hope I hear from you by to-morrow I’m nearly crazy to know how you are making out.

I brought back about 50 pkges. of cigarettes with me 2 packs for 15¢ is quite a difference from 35¢ each! I have seen all I want to of the east coast I wish the war would hurry up and get over with so as we can start living normally again! Sydney is the dampest place I’ve ever been in even your clothes are always damp everything even the writing paper is clammy and damp I hope it keeps raining tomorrow I’ve logged over a 100 hrs.  this month already and that is too much it makes you feel so weak all the time Well my darling I guess I had better close down for now and give you a rest from trying to read my awful writing I’ll write to-morrow so goodbye for now sweetheart and take care of yourself.

Love & kisses