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Date: September 18th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

FW Latham P/O
Reykjavik (s)
Iceland (c)
Attin. G.P.O

Dearest Jeanie.-

Hello again darling! Hope everything is ok.

There really isnt much I can say my love except I sure wish I could get home to see you. I guess I’ll be able to get home about Christmas tine and I will really have a good time and I will really have a good leave Ive got about two months coming now

It is kind of tough with no batman here doing our own washing and ironing, my bed hasn’t been made properly since Ive got here. I should be getting a letter from you soon I haven’t had one for weeks and darling I kind of miss them. All the girls in Iceland are really Icelanders don’t like us very much we are invaders to them and they were always pro nazi before the war. The war shouldnt last much longer than the end of this month in Germany. I may get home before christmas. Well darling all I have to say is I love you, and miss you, it seems so hard to write about anything censoring is very strict around here. We may get over to Scotland next week

This is really an nice country the gulf stream keeps it quite mild all winter even though we are in the Arctic circle, although I guess they get awfully high winds here but when we get 2000 feet off the ground the temperature is around forty below. the gulf stream just keeps the surface warm. Well sweety pie that’s all for now write soon

Love & kisses
Your old man.

(getting gray as hell)

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Original Scans