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Date: October 10th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

FW Latham P/O
Reykjavik (s)
Iceland (c)
Oct. 10/44

Dearest Jeanie.-

Hello again darling hope you are all well Its mail day to day but I don’t think it will come in to-nite the weather is too terrible. (rainy and windy) We went out on a trip yesterday and when we came back out oil burner had blown up there was soot and black all over everything and we had just finished painting the walls etc. we have made a lot of furniture (out of old boxes) So consequently we spent the day scrubbing and wiping I just finished getting cleaned up now what a day (in fact I’m sitting here in my shorts right now.) Well darling I sure hope you have received some mail from me by now I bought a white sheep skin (angora) I’m sending it home one of the fellows going on leave was going to take it to Canada for me but he forgot it so Im going to mail it. it will probably take a couple of months for you to get it all our mail goes and comes in from the U.K We have our hut fixed up quite nicely we sure slapped the paint around a muddy green color on the walls half way up and the rest white. its quite comfortable but the laundry is still on hell of a problem. my clothes will never be the same when we get back to Canada I’ll have to get new shirts the water is quite hard here but it is sure nice for drinking The meals have improved a lot here lately but it would sure be wonderful to get a glass of milk and some fresh fruit. I have already bought my bonds for the seventh victory loan $200 (my F/O will be in on the next green sheet) which will help a bit.) you should receive the last $150 around the middle of nov. Darling its so hard to find anything to write about. I sit here and smoke cigarettes I guess I’m just not a letter writer but you cant say I don’t write often enough so darling I’ll put this in the mail and say good nite I love you

Love & kisses

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Original Scans