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Date: October 11th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

FW Latham P/O
Reykjavik (s)
Iceland (c)
R.C.A.F. Overseas
Oct. 11/44

Dearest Jeanie.-

Hello again darling here it is tuesday nite and still no mail the weather is still terrible! I saw a show last nite Sensations of 1945 but it wasn’t so good. in fact very corny. I sure wish the war would soon be over so as I could come home to you darling I’m getting awfully sick of flying and travelling around. I will be quite content to just stay home after this war is over which shouldn’t be very long. I guess I’m getting bushed here and homesick this place is sure dismal when the weather is miserable. I guess I’ll have to get drunk or something next thurs. nite I havent had a drink for a long time but I’m sure getting cheered off with the whole set up oh to be back in Canada. I guess this letter isnt very cheerful is it darling but its sure nice to dream and I miss you something awful darling I even miss the fights we used to have now that I think back on them they were sort of nice especially when we made up again! How is Gary and the rest of the family coming along darling I’m working to get my semi annual leave and get back to Canada but everything is so uncertain up here you cant count on anything Our crew is getting broken up again there are so many fellows here with a tour of operations in that are going back to Canada they have had to chop the crews up I don’t know yet who I’ll be flying with. I will have around two months leave coming if I ever get it? Spent nearly all day to day in my sack except for a couple of lectures. We certainly get all the best radio programs up here though and there is no advertising with them which makes it nice. I haven’t had a hair cut since I left Canada and it is about a mile lone. I guess I’ll get a violin but suppose

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