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Date: November 27th 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

FW Latham P/O
Reykjavik (s)
Iceland (c)
R.C.A.F. Overseas
Nov. 27/44

Dearest Darling.- (that is you)

Hello my love, hope everything is ok! I received your three hundred cigarettes to-day, I don’t need them, but it boosts the old morale it is pretty near as good as getting a letter, and your letters mean a lot to me darling. Well sweetheart it will soon be December and another month closer to getting back to you it would be grand to have your arms around me just once again (I can dream cant I) or even if I could only have you bawl me out again I could feel much happier. Im getting slushy aren’t I? but that us just the way I feel inside about you darling its so damn lonely when you haven’t got someone you love to confide your troubles, hopes, and whatnot, they just seem to die inside you and leave a lump well darling I guess that is enough of that It makes me miss you that much more if possible. Its one hell of a nite out raining and blowing we have to make a trip early this morning so I hope it clears up a bit. I hope you have received the stockings and sleep skin by now but you never know with the way our mail runs, if the weather doesn’t clear up we probably wont have mail this week. I saw a good movie to-nite Jean Aurthur in “Impatient Years” I thought it was very good and I’m becoming quite a movie critic I sure see enough of them. One of the fellows in the hut has developed an operational twitch his left eyelid quivers all the time and he cant stop it I wonder at times how its affecting me (outside of my grey hair) and its getting a trifle thin in spots. Well darling I guess that is all for now I must get some sleep so with all my love & kisses goodnite darling


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