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Date: November 28th 1944
Frank Latham
Jean Latham

Suite 7 Victoria Blk.
Moose Jaw Sask.
Nov. 28th 1944.

My Darling:

Just a note before retiring, I have been helping Mrs. Roach house clean so just came down her husband works nite shift so we cant start until late I came down earlier in the evening and thought I saw a mouse in the suite so now I am sitting here almost scared to go to bed. Bert set a trap for me and so far is good perhaps its just an idea on my part. Darling thank you a million for the lovely parcel, stockings are almost a thing of the past here, they are really hard to get, panties and stockings are the correct size so you didn’t do so badly and you didn’t forget, Barb’s out fit is just lovely but its too small your daughter is now a big girl Barbara takes size 12 and she weighs 80 lbs, she is going to write you a letter.  Dennis was at the supper table to-nite when all of a sudden out of the clear blue sky he said Dad didn’t send me nafing, so I tried to explain to him this was Barb’s birthday present. Your picture arrived to-day and father I must admit that you aren’t pining away, you definitely look stout & especially around your waist, don’t tell me you are developing that middle age pouch already?

To-day was election day, and your friend Frances McCellar was voted in as Mayor

I voted this year first time in a Civic Election. Over the news this morning it announced the names of boy’s returning from overseas and were there ever a lot of them, so maybe dear it wont be so long.  Received the Cominco to-day and Virgils’ name is listed as missing, every day I expect mail from Ivy your letters received to-day were. dated 11th 17th & 20th, so greedy me I [?] there up and look for more.

a person cant help but think how fortunate they are when they have such a grand husband or father you had to go far away before I realized how much I loved you.

Well dear I must close for now as it is close to 2 A.M. and morning does come soon. So goodnite for now until all my love & Kisses.


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Original Scans