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Date: December 7th 1944
Frank Latham
Jean Latham

Suite 7 Victoria Blk
Moose Jaw, Sask.
Dec. 7th 1944

My Darling,

Well here is it 2 A.M and still not in bed, I can’t sleep lately a nites I guess I’ll have to get a job working note shift. I haven’t had any mail from you since the 20th of November and do I sure miss it you seem so far away when I don’t hear and I sure do miss it, farther I hope you are still writing every day because I was dreaming about you the other nite and was I ever pulling somebody’s blonde hair I [?] up for more time than when I went to sleep. yesterday was a big day, [?] and went to club at nite. To-day I went to another ladies club, boy am I ever getting tired of seeing women are the time, so darling hurry up and come home. I was talking to Daisy [?] the other day George is supposed to be coming home but she is leaving for Van. Before he arrives, Chet Johnson is out of the airforce, he hurt his back playing hockey. To-nite the children & I made peanut butter cookie. Mother is still in Winnipeg. To-morrow I am going to [?] and see what presents I can pick up. To-day has been a lovely day 50 above. There is no snow around at all, in fact the dust was really blowing for a little while. This wasn’t much of a letter but you will know that we are thinking about you. I have a beautiful cold coming on besides other complications, my back certainly bothers me now when I came sick, I guess I’m getting old and didn’t realize it. Well my darling good nite for now with love & kisses

Barb, dennis, and Jean,

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Original Scans