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Date: December 20th 1944
Frank Latham
Jean Latham

Suite 7 Victoria Blk
Moose Jaw, Sask.
Dec. 20th 1944.

My Darling:

Whether you realize it or not to-day, you passed another milestone in your married life, to me I can’t hardly seem to remember when I was a bride, so much has happened in such a short time well anyway darling I really love you more and with each year you seem to become more dearer to me, but don’t let me catch you out with a blonde or a red head or else!

Well here it is almost 2 in the morning, I just had a grand hot bath, To-day I was going to accomplish such a lot and really got no where fast. Had people sort of coming in and going out all day long. To-nite Ford came in, then two girls came down from upstairs and we decorated the suite. I don’t think it looks so bad. The store forgot to send my tree over, you can’t buy any tree lites so I guess our tree won’t look so hot.

Darling I received your letter written 4th & 5th Dec. to-day. The snaps are just grand I put them both in my wallet. I sent you a photo of myself & the kids so hope you receive it sometime in the not too far distant future, To-nite was our [?] Xmas party. I didn’t even go, I just couldn’t be bothered its rather cold out. I will have to smarten up a bit, and take an interest in something but I don’t feel like going out to any affairs yet, I guess it all takes time. I bought your mother & dad theatre tickets again and renewed her subscription to the McCalls she enjoyed the magazine such a lot. To-nite it is 8 below, does the weather get very cold where you are now?

Well father I shall close this for to-nite take care of yourself, I must admit you look remarkably well.

Love & kisses from us all

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Original Scans