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Date: 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

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enclosing them in this letter. We are having our monthly formal dance on Friday, but I think its our turn to make a trip Friday-nite? It’s rather amazing how the fellows get girls out here for there dances. They get a station bus and leave the mess about 8.30.p.m. and drive up to the Boy hotel, then whistle out about 9 p.m. with a pick up, and bring them out to the dance then take them back to the hotel around 2 a.m. They dont like to be seen on the streets with anyone in the services the old people sort of frown on it, but the girls like it and most of them are very pretty, of course all red heads & honey blondes. of course darling I still prefer brunettes. It was certainly a grand feeling to get your letter to-nite. Darling I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for Gary. I hope he comes out of it ok. Glad to hear you are bowling its so good for you to get out and do something like that. (I mean the excercise) Zella sure looks awful in that picture, you must be loosing a lot of weight too! I finally got around to doing my ironing yesterday but I’m afraid my skirts will never be the same they look like hell when I iron the, We dont get much day light here now its semi-dark all day and the northern lights at nite keep things about the same at nite as they are in the daytime, I’ll never go near an ocean again when I get out of this. jesus am I ever sick of looking at water. a couple of crews left here to-day for Canada on leave they get about a months leave from here I’d sure like to get mine about xmas or New years of course as soon as We get a tour of operations in we get shipped back to Canada for keeps but I hope the war is over before then.

Well my love I cant think of any thing else to say to-nite except I love you and keep your letters coming at least one a week. so I’ll quit and put this in the mail with all my love & kisses


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Original Scans