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Date: January 31st 1945
Jean Latham
Beatrice Pettigrew

Jacquet River N.B.
January 31/45

Dear Mrs Latham;

Please, in your dark lonely day accept my deepest and sincere sympathy.

It seam so hard in those days to say any thing that will help but please think that I am thinking of you & the rest of the lonely families in our great loss.

As I think your husband was new on that night as I never heard of my dear husband speak of your husband as he was one of old members of that crew it seems so hard & think they were so near base & yet none of them could be saved, but we must be thankful & know they never had to suffer like so many of our dear brave boys.

Do not know if you have any family of not but I have a dear little girl who is such a great help & comfort, she is 16 months old and have been walking since 11 months & is getting very interesting by saying new words but its oh so hard to try and be both parent to her but will just have to be brave & try to do the best with our good lord help.

Well Mrs Latham I do not feel much like writing but please received my deepest and sincerest sympathy in those sad hours as I guess I best of most people know how you feel

And if ever you feel like writing will be very glad to hear from you as I know as dear husbands would like if we did since they all died together.

Yours in your deepest sympathy

Beatrice Pettigrew

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