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Date: May 28th 1945
Jean Latham
F.A. Lawrence

RCAF. Iceland.
May 28/45

My dear Mrs. Latham:

The Commanding Officer has asked me to write you re. your letter of May 16 and your husband’s possessions. I have read thru the Court of Adjustment proceedings and spoken to F/L Doug. Clarke, who was in charge of the settlement, and he tells me that your husband had evidently carried his wallet, pen and watch. These were destroyed with the crash because the party who found the wreckage did not recover them. The ring was all that was recovered. I realize how small and impersonal such things are but in your husband’s case this was all that was available in the nature of personal belongings. The objects sold consisted of socks, shows, suits, etc., and we were instructed to sell such items and forward the money to you. As for remembrances for your children I would suggest you but two sets of the ribbons to which your husband was entitled or request Ottawa to give you two operation wings: one for each child. I am sorry that we were not able to send you more bit the nature of the crash and the fact your husband had his belongings with him made recovery impossible.

Our Squadron will be returning to Canada soon and perhaps members of the unit will contact you and give you more personal information.

May we again extend to you the sincere sympathy of the Squadron in your loss which we, in a certain degree, share with you.

S/I F.A. Lawrence

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