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Date: 1944
Jean Latham
Frank Latham

Sunday nite
P/O Latham F.W.
J41740 116 Sqdn.
Sydney, N.S.

Dearest Jeanie.-

Received your very welcome letter to-day. I was sure beginning to wonder what the trouble was every day no letter. Sorry to hear you havent been feeling well. So its Gary eh! darling well I guess that is as good as any. Sorry I cant send you any money this time I haven’t been paid here yet and I guess we wont get paid on the 31st either is always takes a couple of weeks to get our records straightened around every time we move! so the 15th of Aug. will be my next payday. I sent a dozen roses darling you mentioned only six. You had better get Gary’s birth certificate down to me as soon as possible. It is too bad the kid is going to handicapped through life by looking like me. We have been fogged in here now for about a week and it sure gets monotonous not doing much! I have told you what I think of this country? And any good times I’ve had you don’t need to bother to catch up on. I’m glad Dennis isnt jealous of Gary I was afraid he would ne he is so spoiled. There is a show on the station to-nite I think I’ll take in it an old picture though and it costs us a quarter here? There is some talk of our crew getting sent to Goose Bay in Labrador for awhile, 116 has about three crews up there now that want some relief after seven months up there. (Can hardly blame them) I sure hope the war is over about Christmas. I hope mother and dad are well I havent heard from them since the baby was born. Jesus I was just thinking we sure have a hell of a large family now we will soon need an orphanage not a house! It is raining to beat the land out right now and its so miserable and dull here when you cant fly most of the fellows on the squadron have a tour of operation in so our crew is sort of a bit on the gr. side although I guess we were lucky to stay to-gether they usually break the crews up when they come out here. This squadron has sunk a lot of submarines thought and they have a good record but they are so fed up.

Well darling I guess I’ll sign off now and get this in the mail for the 9 A.M. plane T.C.A. have their planes and on our runways here so its quite handy. So good bye for now

Love & kisses

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