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Date: October 15th 1917
Dorothy, (sister)

October 15th/1917.

Dear Dorothy,–

I received you letter almost a week ago and was going to answer it at once, but just as I sat down to write an order came in for us to go back to the battalion, so as we had quite a lot of work to do and not much time to do it in, needless to say, I didn’t write the letter. For the last few days we have been marching in the same style as last summer, the band most of the way having their packs carried and playing. Last night we struck a small four or five mile hike with full packs and instruments. You should have seen the sweat roll. I was thankful that I wasn’t playing the bass then believe me.

I’m awfully glad to hear that your fixed in the place there and sure hope you have a good time. By the time you get this I suppose the time will be passing very quickly specially if you can work up any kind of interest in the place. I hope you tell me all about things when you write and I’ll try and answer your letters as I get them.

Give my best regards to Esther and Helen if you should ever run across her again. Were having fairly good weather though it gets chilly at times. Write soon again Dorothy for I sure enjoy your letters.

Your loving Brother

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