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Date: 8th
Newspaper Article

8                      “THE O-PIP”



B.S.M. Frank Wardell

Whenever one hears the name Sergt..-Major he immediately pictures to himself a grizzled old veteran with about 14 rows of ribbons on his chest, a chin that sticks out like a bay-window, a voice that sounds like the roll of thunder, a waxed moustache long enough to tickle his ears, a pair of highly-polished leggings, a heavy raw-hide whip, and a red face.

In some cases the picture is undoubtedly correct, but there are exceptions. One of the exceptions is in the 58th Battery. We refer to Sergeant-Major Wardell. He is first and last a soldier, and while necessarily a disciplinarian, his personality has succeeded in subduing those unfortunate failings in others which seem to rile the men.

 It may seem that we are tossing around a bunch of bouquets as a matter of course. But such is not the case. Any time you find the men solid for an S.-M. you can rightly surmise that there’s a good man around somewhere. When in England we always

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