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Date: 16th
Newspaper Article

16                    “THE O-PIP”


Looking back over our circulation returns we find that we have close to 4,500 subscribers, which means that nearly three or four times that number must read this little rag. Consequently, in that number there must be many different opinions and criticisms of the “O-Pip.” We realize that vast improvements can be made, and should be made, but our own initiative does not point many out to us.

The boys in France greatly appreciate every issue, but the folks at home constitute the majority of our readers. We are trying to picture to those across the sea a little of the life we now are living. What we want to know is, “How are we succeeding?” We will welcome any suggestions from you. Should we be more serious, or are we really not funny at all? What would you like to know most about France? We will not be upset no matter how many faults you find in us.

The last contest we conducted was greatly successful, and we have decided to run another. We will award one prize for the best poem on “The Happiest Man in the World,” and another prize for the best essay on “The Girl I left behind Me.” All contributions to be addressed to the Editor.

We plan still another contest. Can you draw? We have a suspicion that the cartoons are not what they should be. Have you an idea? If so, draw it, or write your idea out, and send it to the cartoonist. A prize will be awarded for the best drawing or suggestion

Don’t be backward; send along anything you like.


Mary had a little gun
   It was an eighteen-pounder,
She knocked down houses with the noise
   And everything around her.


We’d dig a week, or walk ten miles;
   We’d even go one better;
We’d walk an hour in “No man’s Land”
   If we’d only get a letter.


A Fritzie was just back from leave,
   Telling the boys where he had been;
A four-point-five just breezed along,
   They notified his next-of-kin.

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Original Scans