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Date: 18th
Newspaper Article

18                    “THE O-PIP”

[Top of page is cartoon “TWO DINNERS”; the “S” on “DINNERS” appears to be handwritten addition.]

[A handwritten in the margin, pointing to the title above: “= Reporting sick when you’re not.”]

Fourteen men were gripping a drag-rope, one end of which was made fast to a hefty oak log, which was destined to form part of the roof of a gun-pit. Standing to one side was a limber-gunner, who offered suggestions as to how the log could be moved.

"Why in the country I came from,” remarked the L.G. in a confident manner, “we used to use logs like that for fence posts.”

“Really, old top, “returned a distorted figure who was attempting to take the kinks out of his joints after a heavy lift, " but do you know that in the country that I came from we used to use logs like that for lead pencils.”

"Holy, Jemimah,” retorted the L.G., like a flash, "that’s why you’re so good at swinging the lead now.”


Whizzing, whizzing, little thing,
   Oh! I wonder what you bring:
Coming at me, oh so fast,
   Is it Blighty or a cask.

Original Scans

Original Scans