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Date: 24th
Newspaper Article

24                    “THE O-PIP”

To your Father.
   “Old Baldy
   “I know the dog—gone well. I can’t spell, or paraphrase properly, but lay off on the scrutinisation stunt, and listen to what would unfold. I don’t want any money, etc., etc.”

To your Pal at home.
   “My dear soon-to-be Conscript,
   “Letters !! letters !! letters !! A-B-C-D-E-F-G that’s what I want, letters!! How are the fillies? How are the shows!! How are, etc., etc.”

To your Sister.
   “My hateful Mazie,
   “Nay !! nay!! Georgine, such is not the case. Although you sit reading these reams of ravings, page after page you, etc., etc.”

To the “Wren” in Godalming.
   “To Eva,
   “I've got the feeling!!!!! It only hits me every other month, but I’m off for twenty pages, so gather round and sit tight Firstly I want you to, etc., etc.”

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Original Scans