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Date: 27th
Newspaper Article

27                    “THE O-PIP”


Since we are forbidden to send any souvenirs home, we beg to submit a few ingenious ways for the use of German trophies:—

Helmets—square head variety—Can be used as wash-basins, flower buckets or to weigh down gun trails.

Boots—Once properly treated to a dose of creolin, the leather can be used for fly-swatters and the nails for cobble stones.

Tunics—To frighten babies with.

Buttons—As heliographs.

Badges—For sniping rats.

Aeroplanes—One to be given to each recipient of Blighty leave.

Minenwerfers—As watch-fobs.

Hats—Make fine pin-cushions when stuffed.

Cignet Rings—To replace broken links in head chains.

Star Shells—As cigarette lighters.

Bayonets—As tooth-picks.

“Duds”—As paper weights.

Gold Watches—As poker chips.

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Original Scans