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Date: 28th
Newspaper Article

28                    “THE O-PIP”


A is for Archies that fire all day,
B’s for the Boche that they keep away.
C is the Canteen where we get our beer,
D stands for “Dud” that we’re damn glad to hear.
E is for Europe where Mars holds sway,
F is for Fatigues that are winning the day.
G is for guns that bark day and night,
H is for Heine kept shivering with fright.
I is for Infantry whom we’re supporting,
J is for Janes we’d sooner be courting.
K is for Krupp who tried for the moon.
L is for Leave we’re looking for soon.
M is for Marie such a cute little thing,
N’s for the Non-Com who takes her on wing.
O is for Office, and other such things
P is for Punishment that office brings.
Q is for Quarter who they say has a graft
R’s for the Rum !!! he puts out on draft.
S is for Shell-holes in which we have dined,
T is the Temperance Pledge we all have signed.
U is the Underwear always alive,
V stands for Victory that soon will arrive.
W is for the Women who have joined in the game.
X is the Xemption the conscripts claim.
Y is for Yarns we tell in the town
Z is our Zero line so here we’ll stand down.

[The letters “A” and “Z” have been marked along with a handwritten note in the margin:
x  Archies = Antiaircraft guns.
  x  On targets on so many degrees right of left of our Zero line.
Stand down is the order given when they want us to stop firing.”]

Original Scans

Original Scans