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Date: September 30th 1914
Mary Louise Boggs (Mother)
Herbert Boggs

R.M.S. Virginian
Sept 30th 1914

Dear Mother,

Still we ride at anchor, in the river, with numerous other troop ships around us. The fare on board is excellent and for exercise we have games of quoits, tennis played with a ring of rope and such like. It is a life of ease and comfort, at present and I am gaining weight. However that is not because of the easy time, for the day we left Camp Valcartier, I weighed at the Chatteau 162 lbs. in uniform (no gt. coat or kit.) and I feel as fit as a fiddle.

There is not much news as we dont see the papers, although tugs call here several times daily, and we manage to get mail sent ashore by them.

In the room in which I am sitting everything is very nice. The chairs and settees are covered in white with pink roses, the card tables and chairs, also writing desks are mahogany, the tables having green baize tops. The mantle is quaint and made of carved walnut, with an inlaid oil painting above the narrow shelf. Arround the edge of the room are curved lounges of dull red with a half covering of white lace running along the top of the back cushion. The ceiling is heavilly beamed and pannelled in white the walls also are white and pannelled. There are many lights giving a very bright and homy affect to the to the whole room. A picture of it would no doubt describe the sitting room much better, but as most of the light is artificial I dont think it possible.

At present I have a stateroom with [walter?]. Capt Cooper and Bromley are right next so it is very convenient.

Capt Barton (Rev.) is very fond of chess so that he & I are going to amuse ourselves at times.  He has promised to show me a few things. I think he is quite an expert.

Every one on board is in the best of spirits and looking forward to a pleasant voyage accross. It will of necessity be somewhat slow as some of the boats carrying the horses and guns are not nearly as fast as this one, and all must keep together.

Our letters need not be stamped now so am sending all I have left over, maybe you can use them.

ever your loving,

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