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Date: November 24th 1914
Mary Boggs (Sister)
Herbert Boggs

1st B.C. Rgt.
West Down South
November 24th 1914

Dearest Mary

I have just got a letter from Mother dated 4th inst but I think it is your turn for a note this time. As to mess fees, when we were in the big Mess with the rest of the Bte, and the 16th Batt. (Jacks) there was a rumour that we were being charged 6s 6d, but when we started our own, we found that our fare costs 6s 6d but the Canadian government pay all but one shilling. So now we live like fighting cocks, oysters in the half shell are very common, twelve each, sometimes, Dinner is five courses, and the cook is a peach. In the Big mess they say it is as bad as ever. Harods must be making a huge rake off.

Of course you know by this time that the loss of the Good Hope and Monmouth is fact. I do hope Jack Healy’s brother may have been saved. It was bad luck.

Enid’s letter was ‘très interessant,” she is evidently very fond of you. It must be hard not having any holidays, but she seems to have a pretty good time. I hope they dont work her too hard.

Bee Hayland seems to work very late and Saturday afternoons even sometimes. Life is very dull for her, now that her [Cherub?] is awa to the war. Walter had a letter from Phylis Stater today she also has an eye on our Walter, luck fellow to be so popular. I’m quite envious, Oh yes she did send me “her “very best,” Bless her heart and give her my Love when next you see her, just for old time sake.

I’m going to put in for two extra days leave this week end, last time I stayed in Camp so I think it is almost due me, there is nothing like trying, if it goes Freddie and I may make our promised visit to the Country.

Mr. Brothers, our transport officer has just been married and we gave him a large silver cigarette Box to hold 100 carefully engraved “1st British Columbia Regiment” and what it is for and who from, The Colonel in his short address to Mr. Brothers said he would advise the rest of us to follow suit. He is single himself, hence the advice!! Unfortunately most of us are not in the position to do so, if we so choose.

Tomorrow the Battalion is going to entrench about three miles from here, the ground is of chalk formation under the foot subsoil so quite hard to dig and very hard to conceal the trenches owing to the whiteness of the earth thrown out. As the [farm?], I believe the soil is sandy. So you see honey we do do some work and the men are getting pretty well trained. Quite, a number are getting commissions but there are lots more and we are still well over strength.

from your loving brother

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