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Date: January 25th 1915
Mary Boggs (Sister)
Herbert Boggs

Lark Hill
January 25th 1915

Dearest Mary,

Just a few lines before I retire to my [?] walk. To day a nice letter came from you dated the 3rd and a Colonist of the same date. Several papers have come and it is nice to read all about the happening in Victoria. Enid must be lovely, you know I have always thought so and cant help feel proud just to hear someone else sing her praises. It is a long long time since the summer of 1913 and seems much longer, looking back; But now it seems just a few months. Imagine how I’m looking forward to the time when we shall meet again. It is best not to think of it too much as it only makes it seem harder to wait. And yet it cheers one wonderfully. I hope your next will tell me more.

Tomorrow webb equipment is to be issued to us in place of the Oliver. There is a field day for this Bde. and another. General Alderson is going to inspect us in the Operations in the field. It means a hard days work, but very interesting. It lasts all day, haversack ration carried. More about it when it is over.

Dorothy wrote me a splendid letter, most interesting and spelling good enough to pass an Exam I must write her soon. Give her my love and a kiss and tell her to write again. Your picture of the Stranded [Couple?] in the motor is over my bed. There are few pictures on our walls, but nevertheless they are far from bare, as there is tons of equipment hung around, you should just see it. I have a new batman, Shinner, who was at Goldstream with me. Evans went off about three weeks ago and has not turned up since. So I have to train in my new one and he promises well

Kind rememberances to Tom and love to you all,

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