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Date: February 7th 1915
Mary Louise Boggs (Mother)
Herbert Boggs

February 7th 1915

Dear Mother.

A very nice 12 page letter from you this morning. End one from Arb. He seems to be very busy and quite happy in his new work. My Captains Certificate also came through this morning and I will send it out to you before we go. It may come in handy just now as our establishment has been reduced and several more subs. had to be [droped?]. So far my standing is O.R and I still have my platoon. The Junior Major is not on the new establishment so Major Byng Hall will have a double Company and Capt Lock a platoon. The transport O. has to take a platoon and there is no place for a Signal Officer. The double Company Commanders now are Majors Rigby, Moberley, Captains Cooper and Haines. Capt Harvey is second in command of No 3 Coy and Capt Cooper is still the Skipper.

Walter came up to see us yesterday and to find out how he stood. He will not go over with us and will probably stay in Portsmouth pro temp, where he seems to be having the time of his life and a very easy job. Jack Gray is in Hospital with measles and so will not be going. Dick Wallis, Cotton and [Mur?] Reed are also to be left at Tidworth from the 16th Battn.

Everything is ready for our departure and the Brigade and our C.O. have their orders but the exact time is not generally known. I think Tuesday night is the time set for us but as yet we have no definite orders.

As for the English girls dont worry. Some are very pretty, and nice but none have the charm of the “Fair Enid.” As for princesses they are alright in the proper place but not on the Pacific Coast of old B.C.

Walter has written for [Bee?] to come over if she can and also his Mother. Bee might enjoy the trip. As for Philis Slater he had heard of her engagement. He also said something about Nyra and Bob Merideth. Oh! These girls they must be in the fashion. That Photo of the 1st B.C. Officers was to have been on our Xmas Cards but the order was not filled and so I did not get any. However I will write Gale and [Polden?] to send you one. Jack Milligan, Alex’s brother has just joined the Company.

Love to all,

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