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Date: February 17th 1915
Herbert Boggs
Mary Louise Boggs (Mother)

1133 Catherine St
Victoria B.C.

My dearest Herbie

And so you are in France dear, I am hoping that it does not been actually in the trenches yet or for a good long time to come. I have always been hoping that The War would be over before you even went to France, but I have still lots of good hope left. And as the War news we get does not put two black a side, everything will come out alright. I wonder if Walter went with you. Mrs. Barton said he was still in Portsmouth when he last wrote. And Mrs. Gray does not think Jack or Dick Wallis was going for another month. Mrs. Currie let me know when she got her cable from Col. C. and she said you would go if any of them did. Of course I am awfully proud of you dear, and I hope and pray you will be well taken care of and will meet with every success. Of course it makes France more interesting to us now and we will watch for every bit of news. I don’t see any mention of the 29th Lancers yet, Arthur says they are in billets for the Winter I think Tom would like to go they have offered themselves again to the Admiraltry. he is studying for his exam. Which he expects to take in a week or two. Old P.R. says he would send his Herbert if he was not married he thinks it every man’s duty to go. How many married men have gone? Halley is too delicate. Col. Winsby is going in Command of the Vancouver lot next batch that goes. Willie Holmes is in charge here. Mrs. Hall is going as soon as she knows where the Col. is going. Mrs. Gray says to keep an eye on him, what next

Harry Scott is going to follow the B.C. Horse wherever it goes even to the front, to take care of his two boys, so says Mrs. G. again.

Your French will come in handy, I am sure you will be able to understand what they mean when you come in contact with Frenchy.

The Battalion, which went away on Sunday, was called the 30th I think perhaps the next one will be the 48th but I’m not sure.

Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Currie are coming in with their work this afternoon, Mrs. C. will bring Garner, he is a dear little chap. he says he must go and fight the Germans, when he gets as big a Dadie, and then he asks his mother if his Dadie was ever as small as he is. Mrs. Currie says he is not going to be a soldier or a sailor. Well I guess we wont need any when he is a man. Dorothy went to the Dominion yesterday with Dolly and Anna, and their Governesess. quite a treat for Dorothy. They went to Jerry’s to have ice cream too. Dolly is very fond of Dorothy and often asks her over there, the governess says she hears a great deal of Dorothy from Dolly. I shall be looking forward to a letter from your new quarters. I suppose you will be allowed to write for a time at least. I see we are to have a 2 cent postage to France instead of 5. I will send to the old address until I hear from you also putting Con & Co. on it too. I am sending you three pairs of socks on Saturday, one pair I made but I am buying the others as wool has been hard to get that is nice wool. I like to get them because you may not have a chance or the time to look after such matters, but I hope you will keep warm and comfortable as possible, it is a great thing to have your feet comfy.

We all send you heaps and heaps of love and good wishes

Your loving

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