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Date: February 21st 1915
Mary Louise Boggs (Mother)
Herbert Boggs

February 21st 1915

Dear Mother,

To day I received a very nice letter from you with one from Mr Burrington to Dad. If in Dublin I will look him up, but dont expect to be there for some time yet. When we get through I may have a short while to look arround the old country. Tom wrote me a letter which arrived today he seems to be sticking with the navy even if there is little chance of getting into action, of course they are all doing good work as they give to the community an aditional sense of security.

I glad you are knitting socks as they are by far the most useful, at present I have plenty in fact more than enough, but later we may not be where we can wash them and may have to discard the used ones. I sent a film to the photographer in salisbury with your address and asked him to send you one copy and the negatives and me a copy. So hope that you will have received them before now. Also from Gale and Polden Aldershot I ordered a large Photo of our officers for you to be sent direct. If it does not come soon you might drop them a line of enquiry as I sent them the cash to cover. Your letters come quite regularly.

Yours with love

22nd Not yet in trenches but quite near. Not much danger even in the trenches. In fact it is most extraordinary warfare I have received those snaps from Salisbury. The spaniel and little girl are the Hunts The fatigue party are some of my W. Kootenay boys on Rg. work at Lark Hill. The chap in the doorway is Jensen, a Dane in my platoon. Dont worry.

Original Scans

Original Scans