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Date: May 20th 1917
David Reekie

Sunny France
May 20

Dear Friends,–

Just a few lines in answer to your newsy letter received last night as I think I gave you all the news about two weeks ago. I received that big box a week ago. Many thanks for it. It came fine not a bit moulded, it was just as it was packed, and believe me, three of us lived high for a week on it. It was the most welcome box I ever got and so tasty too. I was living in a dugout with two others at the time so we were able to heat some up with candles and have real feasts.

Well this is Sunday night, (Mothers Day) and I am in a YMCA tent the service is just over so I am going to write. It is raining and the roar of the guns is shaking the canvas but we are not under fire. We are getting quite seasoned to these Twelth of July celebrations now. But have been lucky so far, none of the Meaford boys have been wounded yet, hope we are as lucky in the next trip.

I suppose a lot of the Bns have come overseas lately eh? They will find Camp life in Blighty pretty raw after living in Barracks I think, but even then it couldnt “hold a candle” to life in France for “roughing it” But talk of fun, we sure have lots,. fun is the only thing we can make so we try to make lots. Nobody takes anything serious here. A fellow was looking disgusted one day and somebody says, “Do you think you'll ever go back”? he answered, “Aye if I was as “Crumby” as you I’d crawl back,” Ha Ha.

There has been quite a change in the neighbourhood hasnt there? Norman tells me that I will be lost when I get back, Ha Ha. I hope not.

Well it is getting too dark and I have written a lot, – if it is readable But dont blame me. its the pencil. Well I hope are all in the best of health and spirits as it leaves me.

Yours Sincerely,

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