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Date: August 8th 1917
Mary Rendall, friend
David Reekie

Aug 8 1917

Dear Friend,–

It is some time since I have written to you, so here goes a short note this morning to let you know how things are going with us at present, I suppose everybody is busy with the harvest at home now. Harvesting is in full swing behind the lines now and the crops certainly are good especially the wheat around these parts, the country looks fine just now with its checkered patches of different grains and the smokestacks and slag dumps towering above the mining towns. France certainly is a pretty country at this season, and it is level so one gets a good view. The people seem very happy and contented. I think they like war better than peace, at least it doesnt seem to worry them anyway.

I got a letter from Beatrice a few days ago giving me all the news about the picnics, baseball and etc. It is too bad that Stella Penrose failed in her exams. Baseball must be booming this summer eh? There are too many professionals in military teams for any amateurs to get a “look-in” over here. But we have lots of good concerts and picture shows at the “Y” when we are out of the line I have seen some real good concerts here. The YMCA is a great help to us, there is always a good reading and writing room handy.

I am a S.B. and like the work OK  of course it is like all other jobs it is pretty hot at times but it is a useful experience mostly dressing wounded til they can be sent to the dressing station.

I havent seen Penrose since I came over but he is well. I have seen some of the other Thornbury boys, I have not met Ferguson yet but was in the same tunnel as he was one night last spring but didnt know it till afterwards. He seems to be getting his name up as a “Hun-strafer”. It is not the best soldier in Blighty that is the best here. It takes a man with nerves that will stand the strain, otherwise they are not much use under shellfire. A new man is always the coolest because he doesnt realize the effectiveness of shells he has seen it for himself. The first time I saw a railway being shelled I thought it a great joke but there has been time since when the joke was absent. Ha Ha.

Well I think this is about all for this time as news is scarce. Hoping all are in the best of health and having a good time.

I remain
Sincerely yours
Dave R.

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