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Date: June 15th 1918
Annie Rendall
David Reekie

June 15 1918

Dear Friend Annie,–

I was very highly pleased to get your welcome and interesting letter a few days ago, and to know that you all are well.

I suppose you often wondered why I never wrote you for so long. I am sorry that I have not been able to write oftener but I do not get so much time as I did when I was in the Company and besides it is so hard to write an interesting letter out here unless you spin a line about little details in the everyday life and Im not very good at that. Yes it sure got my wind when I heard that Fred was being called up. Bruce can be spared I guess but I certainly hope Fred is exempted so that the younger ones will be alright. It would be different if the others were able to look out for themselves. I suppose things are pretty quiet now with nearly all the young men leaving, it certainly will make a difference, to the social side of life too.

I got a letter from Lizzie Reekie today, giving me lots of news. She seems to like the Surgical work fine, but says she has to go to a ward in a camp soon.

I am keeping George Reekies address and will write to him so that he will have my address when he comes out – if he is not already over here.

Say Annie you speak of me “working in a hospital” and Ive had others ask me about being in hospital. I do not know how they got the idea but Im not in a hospital nor never have been lucky enough for that – Im only with the Medical Staff of the Battalion so have nothing very “cushy” yet we stay right with the rest of the Bn of course we have a few more comforts when there is only a few of us together and instead of pondering over the intricacies of the Lewis Gun like the others we wallop poultices and do their first Aid stunts, then for pastime Ross (my chum) and I try our hand at making custard occasionally. We buy prepared Custard powder and stir it into boiling milk, add our issue of plum jam and its flavored pretty good too just wish you could taste it – and we’re economizing on that even today. Ross just made it from boiling water instead of milk and consequently we will have a late supper if we are hungry enough – we were not hungry enough to make up our minds to eat it at supper time.

We have some great discussions around here in the evenings over what we are going to do when we go back. But there are a lot like myself they dont know what to make of it. Guess we will just have to wait and see what turns up. But agriculture and railroading will likely be the biggest boomers.

Well Annie, it is getting almost too dark to write so I will soon have to bring this to a close and go to bed – we go as soon as it gets dark because we have to be up early.

Many thanks for George’s address. I will try to look him up as soon as he comes over. I suppose Jack Somerville will be called up too eh, but it will not be so bad so long as Will is left.

Hoping this finds you all enjoying good health Best regards to All

Your old friend
David L Reekie
[written large below signature:]

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