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Date: March 19th 1915
Mr. Beaumont-Boggs
Madeline Ansell

Assage Lodge
Fountain Road
Upper Norwood
London SE
March 19/15.

My dear Cousin

I doubt if you have yet received my letter of the 9th to you- full of regret and Sorrow for you and yours- I hope you will be able by the time you receive this to be able to face the sorrow and loss better, great as it is- I feel I can give thanks his death was “painless” (very sudden) when I hear of the dear fellows I have known, [?] blinded and suffering awfully I wrote as I told you [?] Mr. Richardsons advice to the Adjutant (or failing [?] ([?] master) and recieved the enclosed [?] kind and expressive letter- which I have copied it in case you wish me to write to the Lady he mentions [?] the dear son [?] but I shall not do so till I hear from you. what you have done or what you wish me to do.

As to Herbert ‘effects’ which Capt Grays says he is forwarding under separate cover to me, so far I have not received anything, but there is still time as he writes on the 13th and this is the 19th only and you may have asked anything to be sent direct to you My P.C. to Herbert on 11th Feb saying “I had not received the sword,” he can never have got it was addressed Salisbury or Elsewhere- it evidently went on to France and came back to me “killed in action 25th Feb”- in what engagement I know not; we [?] know so little where they [?] go etc- Why I have been busy looking up the sword [?] so many have disappeared and others but after writing you I began myself to consider if all the officers might left behind probably, they would be all stored together- and it is a terrible War- is terribly sad, and can best be worse as the spring opens- Land [?] I has as a [?] soldiers [?] a most respectable in [?] grief fellow– He says the Germans are very fine fighters and likewise the Belgians but had no opinion of the French- He had been in the trenches up to his thighs in water, made 4 attacks in one day nearly 30 hours without food- his Reg was much praised by [?] French as Territorial, as “they hold the line [?] let it be broken through;” be broken down with [?] and cold and is back on sick leave.

I saw our old Aunt Mrs. B[?] yesterday she is 84 and looks very frail- My kind remembrance and sympathy to your wife and daughter, and affection to your dear Cousins

Your affc. M. Ansell

Where is Arthur now?

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